La Canterina



Done Ettore
Don Pelagio
The Broker's Men,
The Cat

apprentice prima donna
merchant's son and hopeful lover
enamoured music teacher
'chaperone' to Gasparina
non-singing roles
non-singing role  

Gasparina is a soprano fallen on hard times, currently rather more successful at manipulating the men in her life than pursuing her career. She, her chaperone Appolonia, a dame of dubious function, and their cat, share tatty rooms provided by her music master, Don Pelagio. Gasparina is a pupil not only of music but the ways of a hard world and with Appolonia's assistance she occupies herself in getting as much out of her admirers as she can.



Paint and powder, it's their duty
To improve on natural beauty
when complexion needs correction
Praise the man whose creams renew